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Borrowing more on your mortgage


We’re closed to new business so can’t offer any further loans or new mortgage deals to customers.

If you need to borrow more money, one option could be to remortgage and move to another lender. They could potentially allow you to borrow a greater amount upfront or take out a further loan once your remortgage has completed.

If you remortgage elsewhere, you will redeem (pay off) your current mortgage with us. To find out what’s involved here, including details of the usual timescales and any fees that may apply, please see our redemptions page.


Find a new mortgage deal that’s right for you

We recommend that you speak to a mortgage broker to find a new mortgage that meets your needs. Please be aware that some brokers charge an advice fee for their services, so you may want to confirm this with them.

If you don’t have your own broker, you can visit the independent Unbiased website. You can use their website to find a mortgage broker who will then contact you to arrange an initial free, no-obligation discussion.

Once you’ve found a broker, we’d recommend you verify their details on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Register.

To read more about remortgaging, please see the MoneyHelper website for further information. MoneyHelper is a government backed body that offers free, independent and impartial guidance.

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