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Government support schemes


If you’ve missed a payment or think you might – we’re here to help you.

On this page, you’ll find summary information about various government support schemes that might be relevant for you, if you’re facing payment difficulties or are struggling financially.

We can’t give any advice about these schemes, but they may be worth considering, depending on your situation.

The Debt Respite Scheme, or Breathing Space as it is also known, is a government scheme that allows applicants time to receive advice about their debts (including mortgage arrears) and find a solution to their debt problems.

During a Breathing Space moratorium, most creditors will freeze interest on unsecured debts and stop charging interest on mortgage arrears for a period, typically up to 60 days. They’ll also usually stop all collection and enforcement action over the same period.

This means a customer would not be required to make any payments toward unsecured debts or mortgage arrears that are covered under the Breathing Space moratorium. However, a customer will still be expected to make their regular monthly mortgage payments and any other payments towards debts not covered under the moratorium.

The scheme is not available to everyone, and you can only apply for Breathing Space through an independent debt adviser.

For more information about the scheme, please follow one of the links below to speak with a free and independent debt advice agency:

The Mortgage Charter is a voluntary scheme set up by the Government for active lenders to help mortgage borrowers struggling with their payments. It sets out the standards that lenders will adopt when helping residential mortgage customers, who are up to date with their payments and who don’t already have an interest only mortgage.

The Mortgage Charter does not apply to buy-to-let landlords. However, we’re still committed to helping our customers – so if you’re behind with your payments or are struggling, then we’ll try to help you.

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Discussing money problems isn’t easy, but we have lots of experience helping customers who are having difficulties making payments and we’ll try to help you in any way we can.

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Our wider Payment difficulties section contains a range of other information that might be useful for you, depending on your situation.

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